YC’s Director of Events Domonique Fines with Elpha CEO Cadran Cowansage

Domonique Fines is the Director of Events at YC.


Cadran Cowansage is the cofounder and CEO of Elpha. Elpha is a private online community for women in tech.




00:05 – Dom’s intro

00:25 – How Dom started in events and her background

2:00 – Deciding to not go to law school

3:30 – Choosing to work on tech events

5:35 – Outreach to underrepresented founders

8:50 – Common misconceptions about getting into tech

10:10 – University outreach

11:20 – Identifying problems to fix and not being blocked

14:10 – Reflecting on accomplishments

15:05 – Dom’s career plans

16:40 – Will Dom do a startup?

17:10 – Avoiding burnout

20:20 – The importance of just getting started

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