Write SEO Content That Ranks w/ Michał Suski | Lion Zeal Show

I’m joined by Michał Suski from Surfer in episode 94 of the Lion Zeal Show. Here we discuss onpage SEO, optimising content, search intent, and how to use Surfer to do this with ease.

Want to try Surfer? Get a 7-day trial here:

Who is Michal Suski? (00:28)
What is Surfer? (2:09)
Are backlinks important? (13:03)
Surfer vs. other on page analysis tools / What makes Surfer stand out? (22:56)
Michal talks about SEO community (27:23)
Advice for Surfer’s advanced users (34:21)
Most common mistakes people make when using Surfer (1:11:05)

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