WIX or WEBFLOW | Honest Freelancer Review

WIX is one of the biggest and best web design platforms on the web. WEBFLOW is not so well known. Both offer great features but if you don’t pick the right one for your situation, it could cost you dearly.

I lost hundreds of hours and thousands of dollar by starting my business with the wrong one.

This is an honest review on everything you need to know to make the decision between WIX or WEBFLOW.

*I am a Webflow Partner but DO NOT get paid to endorse Webflow.
*I do not hate WIX and actually endorse them for small business owners. (Don’t @ me WIX)

To check out my old WIX site, go here:

To check out my current freelance website built in Webflow, click here:

If you want to try Webflow for free, go to http://www.Webflow.com.

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