When to Launch Your Startup and When to Wait

Step inside the group partners’ lounge to hear Y Combinator Partners Harj Taggar, Michael Seibel and Brad Flora discuss how startups should approach launching and the exceptions to the rules.

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Chapters (Powered by https://bit.ly/chapterme-yc) –
00:00 – Inside the partners’ lounge
01:00 – Why don’t startups like to launch early and move quickly?
01:30 – What is fast?
02:18 – V1 of Instacart
03:18 – V1 of Brex
03:59 – Founders perfect launch and why can’t they move fast?
05:54 – What’s the worst case scenario? What founders are afraid of?
07:42 – V1 of Magic
08:08 – Devils advocate
08:39 – Rippling
10:33 – Zenefits
11:42 – Founders common trap
12:34 – Wrap-up

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