Website Builder Comparison 2022 – Side-By-Side Honest Review

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This video is the most in-depth Website Builder Comparison 2021 on youtube.
We compare #webflow #wix #editorx and #wordpress through different categories including pricing, design limitations, seo capabilities and more.

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This comparison video will help you determine which website builder you should be using for both freelancers and business owners alike.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 Overview
4:45 Pricing Comparison of Website Builders
8:38 Learning Curve of Different Website Builders
12:44 Design Capabilities of Website Builders
16:18 Integrations for Website Builders
18:33 Maintenance for Website Builders
20:13 Webflow SEO Capabilities
22:25 EditorX SEO Capabilities
23:34 WordPress SEO Capabilities
24:53 Best Website Builder for SEO
25:21 Best Website Builder for Freelancers and Agencies
27:35 The Best Website Builder of 2021 Final Scores

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