Web Design Business Startup Kit | EVERYTHING YOU MUST HAVE!

As a freelance web designer you need to leverage tools to save yourself time and money.

These are a list of my favorite tools I use to run my freelance business:

Proposals, Contracts, Invoices, Payment
Hello Bonsai – 2 Weeks FREE (Affiliate) – https://bit.ly/2S5iQrR

Web Design Platform
Webflow – https://webflow.com/
Wix – https://www.wix.com/
Wordpress – https://wordpress.com/
Squarespace – https://www.squarespace.com/

ScreenshareVideo Chat
Join Me – https://www.join.me/
Zoom – https://zoom.us/

Screen Recording
Loom – https://www.loom.com/

Content Collection
Google Docs – https://www.google.com/docs

SEO Software (Best Residual Service)
SEMrush – https://bit.ly/38aSKcp

Project Management
Slack – https://slack.com/

Also, check out my personal website:

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