Understanding your Director Level Buyer Personas

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses key takeaways from our original director-level buyer persona research in this Marketing Minute. If you work with Director-level employees within an organization, it is imperative to understand what success looks like for them, what gets in the way of their success, and how your company’s products or services can alleviate their pain points.

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Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on Director Level Personas.

In a previous marketing minute, we discussed how understanding your buyer personas is critical to growing new business.

Recently, we conducted original research within our customer organizations to gather information about our buyer personas.
We started Director-level personas and today we’re sharing the biggest takeaways with you.

First, across different director titles, there is high variation in what success means to them depending on their specific job function.
This is expected, but often overlooked by sellers. It is important to always keep in mind who you are talking to within an organization, and how your product or service can help that person be successful.

Second, when asked what gets in the way of success, misalignment was a common answer among Directors.

Whether this means misalignment within their own team, between sales and marketing, with leadership, or with their ideal buyers.
Understanding this as a pain point for your customers can create opportunities for your organization to add value.

Finally, we learned that most Directors turn to Linkedin for industry news and information over any other social media platform.

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