Types of Business Information Systems

In the context of a business we may envisage several types of information systems all feeding into a central point where they may influence corporate decisions.
For example, the marketing Department will have information regarding customer preferences numbers characteristics the demographics income levels and many other factors that are relevant in the context of marketing and dealing within that area or within that particular group.
There are other forms of information the production department will have information regarding productivity and performance, on efficiency characteristics as well as details regarding employee’s engagement, their training requirements, and their overall productivity.
The HR Department will also feed into the information system from its context with employees and managers in training settings, recruitment, and statutory requirements such as health and safety.
These are many departments depending on the company, the production process, and on the product. There may be other departments and they also will feed into this information collecting system.
All of the information contained within the business may then be distilled down to key points and presented for analysis and discussion and may form the basis of future corporate decisions.
This video is one amongst many that relate to this topic and these will be presented throughout the course

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