Top 10 BEST Credit Cards To Always Use (Shopify Drop-shipping)

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Order of video
1.) Why its important and all the benefits
2.) Cards and their benefits
3.) What order to get them in for business use or travel use.

I made sure to use up to date info, even called AMX to talk to them personally about the benefits

Why is it important?
1.) Cash flow – Debit VS Credit + PayPal or other holds can be easier to fight.
2.) Points and spending bonuses – unfair advantage because of absurd advertising costs
3.) Building credit – good for a house or that lambo you wanna buy
4.) More profit to your store Ex spend 150K on ads and make back 600K points thats 6K in extra profit for your store.

No history

basic college card or anything they offer when you open the business account.

Wells Fargo cash back college card
– Earn 3% cash back on gas, grocery and drugstore net purchases up to $2,500 spent for the first 6 months and 1% cash back on all other net purchases.
– 0 annual fee

chase freedom unlimited
– 1.5% on everything unlimited
– 200 back when you spend 500 in 3 months.
– 0 annual fee

Citi DoubleCash Rewards Credit Card.
– UNLIMITED 2% cash back on EVERYTHING
– 0% interest on charges made within the first 18 months
– 0 annual fee

wells Fargo propel
– 20k bonus when spend 1k in 3 months
– 3x points
– 2 on eating out and ordering in; gas stations, ride-shares, and transit; flights, hotels, home-stays, and car rentals; popular streaming services; 1x points
– 1x on all purchases
– 0 annual fee

Amazon Prime card
– 100 gift card upon approval
– 5% cash back on amazon and whole foods
– 2% cash back at resturants, drug stores, and gas
– 1% on everything else
– 0 annual fee

With history

Ink business unlimited (Easy)

Ink Business Cash (Easy)
– 500 cash back after 3k spent in first 3 months
– 0% APR for 12 months
– 5% Cash back on select business categories – phones bills, internet cable bills (up to 25k per year)
– 2% cash back on gas and restaurants (up to 25k per year)
– 1% on everything (unlimited)
– 0 annual fee

Ink business preferred (Hard) (Good for everything)
– 100,000 bonus points after spending $15,000 in the first 3 months.
– 3x points on travel and business categories including internet and advertising (up to 150k per year)
– 1x points on everything (unlimited)
– points are 25% more when redeemed through chase ultimate travel (100 points = 1.25 dollars)
– add employees to your card (good for more ad accounts or employees)
– 95 annual fee

Chase Sapphire preferred (Medium) Good for travel
– 60,000 bonus points after spending 4,000 in 3 months
– 2x on all travel and dining.
– 1x on everything else
– 25% bonus when redeemed for travel
– 5x on lyft
– 95 annual fee

Chase sapphire reserve (Hard) – Good for travel
– 50,000 bonus points when spend 4,000 in 3 months
– 3x on travel and dining (no limit)
– 1x on everything else
– 50% bonus when redeem for travel
– 10x on lyft rides
– Travel benefits – complimentary priority pass
– 300 annual travel credit
– 550 annual fee

AMX Gold (Hard) Great for everything
– 35k bonus points when spend 4,000 in 3 months
– 4x points on top two categories every month up to 150k per year (Airfair, advertising, shipping, gas, restaurants, technology providers)
– unlimited adjusted spending limit
– great customer support – black Friday story
– 295 annual fee
– Major flex

AMX Silver (Hard) Good for travel

Order to get in for ads and business

1.) Wells Fargo propel if not then wells fargo college card or citi card
2.) Amazon just because its good af
3.) Ink business cash if not then freedom unlimited
4.) Ink business preferred
5.) AMX gold

Order for travel

1.) Wells Fargo propel if not then wells fargo college card or citi card
2.) Amazon just because its good af
3.) Chase Sapphire preferred
4.) Chase sapphire reserve
5.) AMX Silver

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