This Traffic Is NOT Garbage (Far From It)!

This video is probably one of the best I’ve made. In this video, I explain why traffic from safelists and traffic exchanges is definitely NOT garbage! Also, I’ll tell you about two new sites that I’ve joined that are showing some promising results right off the bat! Sorry that this one is a little long, but I wanted to cover a lot of material!

Here are the two new traffic sites I went over in the video:


Actual Hits 4U Co-op:

Also, if you want to find out my top 18 traffic sources, you can sign up to my list and get the information for free using this link:

I wish to thank you for watching the video. I really appreciate your time and I hope that these videos are helpful to you! I am also coming up on 100 subscribers! I know it’s not much, but it is a milestone nonetheless. Thanks!

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