SEO Checklist for 2020: On-Page SEO Tutorial

Here’s a 14 step checklist for optimising your content to get better Google rankings and organic traffic.

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The Checklist:
1. Start with Keyword Research
2. Check the Search Intent
3. Include Keyword in URL
4. Include keyword in H1

5. Include keyword at front of Title Tag

6. Meta Desc
for CTR (and KW relevance)
7. Main keyword in first
8. Optimise H2’s
& H3’s
9. Match Content
Length of Top Competitors

10. Don’t Overdo
KW Density

11. Optimise Images
(compression, file name, alt text)
12. Include Internal Links
(and build these to the new content)
13. Include an External
Authority Links
14. Build links to your content

** OBVIOUSLY this isn’t an extensive checklist, but for anyone newer to SEO this is a simple and pretty awesome starting point. Especially when combined with a tool like Surfer.

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