Research Report: Recommendations, Appendices and Bibliography

Research, report, recommendations, appendices, bibliography:
The ultimate purpose of any research activity is to find an outcome. Needless to say, the outcome should be accurate and reliable. Is the purpose of the mythology of the research to ensure that this is the case.
Formal research reports contain several parts, clearly, there must be an introduction stating the research purpose, some statement of the methodology to be used, the research method in detail, and an account of how it was carried out, Next some analysis, and this is followed by the conclusions.
Depending on the nature of the research project, recommendations may be required. For large and detailed research projects some of the material may be presented in appendices. This will reduce the detail in the report and perhaps make it more accessible to the reader. Finally, reports should have a bibliography the clearly indicate square material is presented throughout the report.
This video will focus on the recommendations, appendices, and bibliography as used in research reports.

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