PHONE FARMERS UNITE! #4 | Added a green screen!?!? – New video submission!!!

Sorry technical difficulties on the first upload here is the full length vid! Guys here’s another user submitted phone farm for you to check out, and I just added a green screen to my setup! I am very close to 2000 subs, and I know with your help I am going to get there, and much further! So I have decided to do another giveaway at 2500 subs I am going to offer up 150 USD in Bitcoin for grabs so you definitely want to stay tuned in, and subscribe for a chance to win! Also a special shout out to Joshua for making this video possible you can check out his channel below, and if you are interested in showcasing your phone farm here on ECashsociety then message me on my Facebook page below! Thank you guys for all of your support!

🖥Josh’s channel!:

🖥My facebook page!:

🖥My website/community!:

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