NEVER Drive For Amazon – Amazon Delivery Driver Job SUCKS! Rant!

If you want to be used, abused, and put away wet, by all means, go and work for Amazon as an Amazon Delivery Driver.

Understand that Amazon does not now, and will never, care about you, your safety, or the safety of the civilians who have the unlucky honor of getting in the way of an Amazon Delivery Driver on a ridiculous mission to deliver their packages.

Amazon cares about one thing — getting their packages delivered. They will load you up with bullshit about how safety is always the most important thing and how they want you to return home safe to your family after your shift, but the bottom line is that they only care about getting their packages delivered on time. The minute you get behind in your route for the first time, you will feel the pressure. There will be many subtle hints thrown your way instructing you to forget about everything you learned in training.

Delivering for Amazon was the absolute WORST job I’ve ever had. They will load you up with more and more packages and stops every day, and they will push you until you break. Then, when they are all done getting what they can from you, they will toss you to the curb like a used condom. I would rather be deployed to Iraq again than work one more minute delivering packages for Amazon.

A HUGE trillion-dollar company, and yet they cut every corner they can. Jeff Bezos and the Amazon top brass ought to be ashamed of themselves.

STOP THE MADNESS before more people get injured or die because you have put your drivers under such intense pressure to get your stupid fucking packages delivered!

If you are considering driving for Amazon as a delivery driver, you better think LONG and HARD. I would recommend working in fast food before driving for Amazon. At the very least you won’t get killed on the job…

Here is the second video on this subject:

I hope you found this video informative and entertaining! If you did, you know what to do!

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