Marketing Online Courses – The Best Way to Sell Online Courses

Online course marketing presents some unique challenges, and it’s certainly not as easy as just sending traffic to your course sales page. If you want to market an online course, you need to take your potential customers on a journey to transform them from strangers to customers. In this video I show you how to create an online course sales funnel to do exactly that.

If you’re new to marketing online courses, or you’ve tried to sell an online course but haven’t been able to do it successfully, this video is exactly what you need.

There are several important steps to any online course digital marketing funnel. Each one has a specific purpose and helps move a new lead closer to becoming a customer. You need to build trust, establish yourself as an expert, and demonstrate your ability to solve a person’s problem before they’ll be willing to buy your online course or coaching program.

This works for online course marketing or for marketing coaching programs or consulting services.

Whether or not you want to use ads to sell online courses, you need to do this first. If you don’t get this fundamental online course marketing funnel in place, it doesn’t matter where your traffic comes from (social media, ads, Google etc.), you’ll still struggle to sell online courses. But once you have this in place, you’ll be able to scale using whichever traffic source you choose.

I cover how to sell online courses using webinars and email sequences, so you can choose the method that you prefer.

This is your complete online course marketing plan. If you want to sell online courses from your own website, you YouTube channel, your podcast or anywhere else, you need to do this first.

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