Marketing Online Courses – How I’d Start an Online Course Business From Scratch

Marketing online courses can be tough. But in this video I’ll show you the exact steps I’d take to grow an online course business from scratch. This is a reliable, repeatable system to market online courses in 2021 and beyond.

I’m actually using this process right now to grow a new online course business and it’s working incredibly well.

A lot of new online course creators will create a course and immediate run Facebook ads hoping to be profitable. That rarely ends well. Most end up losing money and believing Facebook ads don’t work. This process helps you avoid that. I’ll show you when to start running ads (it’s later than you think), and which ads to run first, and which to avoid until you’re making a profit consistently.

If you’re growing an online course business and want to learn how to sell online courses, this is the video for you.

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