Local SEO Tutorial: Simple Tips to Ranking in 2020

Here’s a fluff-free 80/20 tutorial on local SEO and how to do it right in 2020. It’s extremely easy, doesn’t require lots of content nor links, and keyword selection is obvious. Nonetheless, I walk you through the elements that actually matter, and how to make them as easy as possible.

Tools/Services Mentioned:
Surfer: https://lionzeal.com/surfer
Lion Zeal Guest Posts: https://lionzeal.com/guest-posts/
SEOButler: https://seobutler.com/

0:00 Introduction
0:31 GMB vs Organic
0:46 Optimising GoogleMyBusiness
1:56 OffPage GMB Signals
2:47 Organic Rankings
3:45 Keyword Research
4:26 Optimising Content
5:58 Location Pages
7:45 Link Building
10:42 Final Thoughts

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