Link Building: How To Build Links (using Data!) | SEO Accelerator | Free SEO Course

Want to build backlinks that increase your rankings? Here’s a data-driven approach to determining what backlinks to build and how to build them, then a guide to implementing this to land real links.

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0:00 Introduction
00:23 Considerations
00:58 Link gap analysis
02:24 Q1: How many links do we need to compete?
06:04 Q2: Should we build more links to this page or another?
07:54 Q3: How aggressive can we be with our anchor text?
11:35 Q4: How relevant should our links be?
13:53 Q5: How fast should we build links?
15:26 Link types and how to build links
16:25 #1: Building links
18:24 #2: Buying links
20:11 #3: Asking for links
25:55 Earning links
32:39 Summing the process
34:09 Final thoughts

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