Link Building for Beginners: Step-by-Step Tutorial | SEO Accelerator | Free SEO Course

What is link building, how does it work, and why does it matter? Here’s a detailed guide for beginners (and even more advanced SEOs really!) on how to use backlinks to increase your SEO rankings.

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0:00 Introduction
02:58 Building Links
05:02 Buying Links
07:29 Asking for Links
08:42 Earning Links
10:13 Referring Domains
12:37 Measuring the quality of a link
14:09 Link Quality Factors
14:44 Authority of site
18:13 Authority of page
19:59 Relevance of site
21:05 Relevance of page
22:05 Relevance of anchor text
24:30 Location of link
26:42 NoFollow/DoFollow
27:41 Page linked to
29:03 Summing up
30:19 Final Thoughts

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