Levels of Management Decision Making

This video will look at decision making within the business. Decision making may take place at several levels within a business for example decisions have to be made at the operational level regarding processing and manufacturing. In a service-based industry decisions at this level may involve scheduling or processing in some format. So, we may see decision making at the root of the business.
However, we may also see decision making at the tactical level, this is where decisions are made, and policies set in place. This is really the province of middle management, and the decisions may relate to the operations of a department or of a particular process. The policies that are developed at this level apply within that sphere of influence, in other words, policies may apply to a particular department within the business.
Finally, we may consider decision making at a strategic level, this is the province of senior management. At this level three direction of the business the markets, and the product development must be considered. However, it is also the centre where the business is controlled where the lower departments the tactical and the operational receive their instructions.
Management decision making should be efficient and on this street bureaucracy avoided. However, the survival of the business and its success in the market depend on good decision making and clear understanding of the decisions their proper implementation.
This video considers many of these issues and lays the foundation for subsequent videos in this area.

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