Keyword Research Tutorial: Competitor Analysis (Part 3) | SEO Accelerator | Free SEO Course

Can you actually compete for this keyword today? And do you even have the budget? Here’s how to analyse keyword competition and determine if you’ll be able to beat them.

Want me to review your website?

Hire my team and I to do this for you:

By the end of this process, you should have 3 deliverables:
1. Key Pages (based on your current rankings, chosen competitor rankings, and best long-term keywords)
2. Other pages worth optimising (lower priority than key pages)
3. Pages out of budget/capability (either too competitive to stand a chance or over your expected budget)

From there, let’s dive into OnPage SEO and get some internal links going to these pages. That’s going to give them a nice big kick up the rankings.

See you in module 3.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 On the last episode…
02:12 How to do competitor analysis
03:28 Keyword difficulty scores suck (when used wrong)
09:35 Identify key pages
12:09 Keyword difficulty factors
21:50 Recap
23:06 What’s next?
27:05 Conclusion

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