How to Write Case Studies

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses writing case studies that win new business in this Marketing Minute. Case studies are a great way to show your potential customers how your products or services have been successfully implemented by others.

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Hi I’m Alexa and this is a marketing minute on case studies.

Case studies are an incredible marketing tool. Businesses can use them to show potential new customers how their products or services have been successfully implemented by other organizations. While a business can talk all they want about how great their products or services may be, case studies offer the proof.

So, how can you create case studies that win new customers?

First, make your case studies relatable. The goal of case studies is new business, so you want to make sure your potential customers are able to see themselves, and their own business problems, in your case studies, even though they are written about other companies.

Second, tell a story. Make sure to paint a picture in the reader’s head of exactly how the business pain was solved and how it was done. You can also include photos to make this even easier. A lot of case studies read the same way, so telling a story will differentiate your work.

Finally, make sure to include quotes and testimonials from the customers your are writing about. This gives your case study even more credibility and it shows the value of the partnership you’ve created.

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