How to Take High-Quality Photos without Equipment

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses how to take high-quality photos using only your smart phone in this Marketing Minute. This video is helpful if you are trying to capture photography to better your content stack, but do not have professional camera equipment.

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Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on Photography.

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. When writing a long form, or even short form, piece of content, adding supplemental photos to the piece adds a whole new dimension. It gives readers a visual aid that helps build the story you are trying to convey to them. But, you don’t need a fancy camera and lights to be able to take a good photo, especially with the quality of cameras on smartphones today. So, here are some tips for high-quality smart phone photos.

First, you can turn gridlines on in your phone’s setting. If you place your subject along the lines, your photo will appear more balanced and level.

Second, focus on one subject instead many and don’t be afraid of negative space. This will make your subject stand out more clearly.

Finally, find different perspectives to take your photo from. You can completely change a photo of the same subject by changing your angle or perspective. Try out different perspectives with each subject to find new and interesting ways to portray them.

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