How To Google: Search Like a Pro with 17 Tricks Barely Anyone Knows

Did you know you can use AND or OR operators, search page titles only, and search filetypes? Well, here’s that and more advanced search operators to find what you’re looking for.

My job is SEO, which basically means I need to understand how search engines work. Which also means, I spend a lot of time on Google Search, and I’ve learned some neat tricks along the way.

Full list of search operators from video:
– Exact Search using “quotes”
– AND operator
– OR operator
– Wildcard *
– Minus operator
– Brackets for OR operator
– in
– define:
– site:
– filetype:pdf
– inurl:
– allinurl:
– intitle:
– allintitle:
– intext:
– allintext:

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