How to Define your Key Buyer Personas

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses buyer personas in this Marketing Minute. While most organizations understand their customers, many don’t take the time to identify their buyer personas. Understanding your personas’ pain points and how your organization can help, is key in dictating how you communicate with them.

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Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on Buyer Personas.

Most companies know who their customers are, but not all companies take the time to think through and define who their buyer personas are. Buyer personas are a representation of your ideal customer based on research and data from your existing customers.

So, how do you get started?

One of the best ways to get started is with a blank white board. For each buyer persona, think not about your products or services, but who uses them. Make it about them and not about you.

Another great way to highly inform your buyer personas is to talk to your existing customers and ask them directly about what success looks like for them, their professional and personal goals, the tools they use, and more.

Once you have your buyer personas defined, work on communicating directly to them and speaking their language in your case studies, your social media pages, and on your website.

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