How To Compete With Amazon and Google

Step inside the Group Partner Lounge to hear Y Combinator Group Partners Harj Taggar, Michael Seibel and Brad Flora discuss the traps founders often fall into when looking at the competition. They identify the particular types of companies you should watch out for and many more you are wasting your time worrying about.

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00:00 – Competitors
00:51 – Fear of the Competition
01:42 – Lies Founders Tell Themselves
02:32 – Most Common Outcomes
03:28 – Perception vs Reality
06:57 – Copycats – Twitch
08:15 – Back to Basics
08:50 – Real Competitive Concerns
09:40 – A Better Product – Socialcam
10:14 – Structural Advantages – Kiko and Perfect Audience
11:20 – “Good Enough” example – Microsoft Teams and Slack
12:30 – FAANG Fails
13:40 – Instacart vs Amazon
14:16 – Cruise vs Google
15:00 – Build a Better Product

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