How To Cold Email Clients: Step-by-Step Tutorial (+ Templates)

Here’s the cold email strategy I used to land 6-figures of SEO clients in 1.5 months including 2 successful email templates.

The Tool I Send Emails With:
+ G-Suite

0:00 Introduction
0:46 The Process
2:20 The Tools
2:54 Who to email
3:43 List Sources
4:39 Filtering/Segmenting Your List
7:46 Writing Effective Emails
15:57 Writing Follow Up Emails
17:35 Prospecting
20:25 Setting Up Your Campaign
24:03 Warming Up Emails
25:26 Monitoring Results
27:04 Video Audits
28:17 Video Audit Script
34:24 Video Audit Follow Ups
35:08 Why This Works
37:14 How Many Emails To Send?
38:39 Final Thoughts

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