How To Change The World? Get The Small Things Right – Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel

Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel talk about the importance of understanding incentives and doing research when it comes to building a world-changing startup.

To create Rookies Mistakes we asked YC founders: Is there a simple fact you wish you knew when you started your company or a rookie mistake you wish you could take back?

Chapters (Powered by –
00:00 – Rookie Mistakes
00:56 – Note from YC founder
01:11 – Product ideas – People who forced the universe to their will
01:30 – Sales vs Debate – Hard to force people to want what you are selling
02:13 – Just remove X
03:22 – Hiring startup
05:50 – Incentives – Understand the motivation of key parties
09:07 – Note from YC founder
09:26 – Research
10:31 – Young founder issue
10:51 – Asking friends
11:07 – Psychological
12:52 – Platforms change faster than human problem
14:39 – Isn’t expert advisor validation enough?

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