How I Started My SEO Agency

Breaking down how I started my own SEO agency STEP-BY-STEP.👞➡️🥾

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Want to know how to learn SEO and build your own SEO agency? Payton Clark Smith breaks down how he built his SEO agency (Pait Digital) from scratch and shows you every step and resource you need to build a multiple six-figure SEO agency. This video opens up about how much you should charge for SEO, how much you can make as an SEO provider, where to learn SEO for free, and much more!

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00:00 How I Started My SEO Agency
5:45 How to Learn SEO
11:46 How Long Does It Take To Learn SEO?
13:00 What Do I Need To Learn To Start An SEO Agency?
15:30 How Much Should I Charge For SEO Services?
18:13 How Much Can I Make From SEO?
19:59 How To Do Monthly SEO Reporting?
20:54 What Else Do I Need To Know?
21:50 How Do I Find SEO Client?
26:54 Should I Go For It?

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