How I Hire People & SCALE My Digital Marketing Agency in 2021 (Structure & Management)

Landing clients is a difficult part of building a digital marketing agency, but what’s even more important in finding capable people that can service those clients for you.

I started a new eCommerce SEO agency about nine months ago now, and obviously as a new agency one of the biggest difficulties we had to (and still) go through is hiring the right people and obviously managing them, which is definitely an ongoing process. In this video I want to share exactly how I hire my people, the right time to hire and how I structure my agency.

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00:00 Introduction
01:30 Overview of my agency
03:08 In-depth structure
07:00 My future plans
08:02 Summary
10:31 Question 1: Where do I find my hires?
11:36 Question 2: Who should I hire first?
13:32 Final thoughts

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