How Humanizing Your Brand Fosters Connection

Customers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value. So, how do you humanize your organization/industry?

AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, explains why humanizing your organization is important and how to do it effectively in this Marketing Minute.

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Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on humanizing your organization.

As we have discussed in a previous Marketing Minute episode, putting a face to a brand fosters connection with your audience.

To take this one step further, being able to humanize your brand is key, especially in complex industries like financial services or healthcare. Customers with an emotional connection to a brand, have a 306% higher lifetime value, will stay with a brand and recommend brands at a much higher rate.

So, how do you humanize your organization?

One way is through social media. A large percentage of your social posts should take your audience behind the scenes, engage with them directly, and introduce them to team members.

Another way to humanize your company is through storytelling.

For our customer, Network Health, we helped them humanize health insurance by telling the stories of their employees in the largest documentary campaign in healthcare history.

You don’t need to take storytelling to that scale to be able to humanize your organization. Having a youtube channel that features employees is a great start to put some faces to your brand.

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