How Green Screens Can Help Your Videos Stand Out

Video Production Specialist, Remo Wakeford, discusses green screens in this Marketing Minute. Green screens may seem like they’re only found on large production sets, but they can actually make your simple videos stand out without much overhead. Find out how to get started with a green screen in this week’s Marketing Minute.

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Hi I’m Remo and this is a Marketing Minute on using green screens in video.

Often people imagine that a green screen is part of a complex arrangement of equipment for a film shoot. In actuality a green screen can be a cost effective way to convey some more complicated ideas by adding things like graphics or animations to your content.

Take this video for instance, it has a clean aesthetic with all text standing out even from me the speaker. But if we pull back the curtain…….. you get to see what’s actually happening.

The great part is If you already have your camera, this setup has an initial cost of approximately $200 and a monthly cost of about $60 for a full suite of editing tools.

There are also many online resources available to learn how to use the tools you have just purchased.

For such a low overhead and a medium learning curve, you could be producing some really high quality videos that your followers will respond to.

So why not try it out and let me know how it goes.

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