Home Page Design Secrets for Freelancers | Freelance Website Layout Pt. 2

In this video I am walking you through the home page of my freelance website.

To view my website, go to;

As a freelancer, your website needs to be working for you around the clock to land new clients. In this video we talk about everything the HOME PAGE of your freelance website needs to have to effectively convert site visitors into paying clients.

The home page of your website needs to connect with all types of prospects. The ones that are ready to buy right now as well as those that are still in the process of researching and educating themselves.

Often times we forget to add an offer that appeals to the wider range of prospects that aren’t ready to jump right into a project. This is called a minimum viable offer which is something I learned from Sabri Suby, one of the most successful experts in my field.

We also talk about crafting a strong offer that will get people in the door so you can sell them on your services. I use a FREE growth call. While this isn’t a new idea, I break down this call and make the offer seem irresistible.

Remember to use social proof as often as you can and remember, ALWAYS FOCUS ON CLIENT BENEFITS.

If you don’t have any social proof (reviews, testimonials, articles, etc.) setup a free listing on Google My Business and start collecting reviews from anyone you can. Just remember, always make sure they are honest and authentic.

To set up a business listing for your freelance operation, go to;

Comment below if you have any questions or want me to review the home page of your website!

Good luck!

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