Get prepared, this is about to breakout…

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Each week, I get questions from traders asking me…

When is the best time to enter a trade?

When is the best time to exit a trade?

How do I be a more disciplined trader?

How do I manage my trades?

How do I be a more consistent trader?


I’ve replied to every single question that comes into my inbox.
But I’m thinking…

Won’t it be great if I could share my answers with all of you? This means you can learn and profit from the questions of other traders. Yay!

So, I’ve created a new segment to do just that, and I’ll share more details in the next email.

Moving on…

I want to share with you this week’s analysis. You’ll learn:
•The best breakout setup for the week
•The 3 entry triggers I use and how to apply it to your trading
•How to read price action and tell when the buyers are exhausted, so you can better time your short entries

So, click below to watch this week’s video.

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