Get Leads From Facebook Ads That Don’t Cost Your Business Money!

Here’s a strategy you can use to generate leads for your business without being out of pocket.

When you get this sales funnel and Facebook ad strategy right, you can generate leads from Facebook that pay for themselves on the front-end, meaning as long as you can sell them your course, coaching service, consulting, or anything else on the back-end you’ll be profitable.

This is often referred to as a tripwire offer, or a self liquidating offer (SLO), and it’s a great way to liquidate your ad spend up-front.

While they can work for almost every industry, they are particularly effective for online course, coaching, and consulting businesses.

Not only will you be generating a high volume of leads with your Facebook ads, you’ll also be generating a high volume of customers. This has a lot of benefits, but one of my favourite is the fact that it’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new customer. In other words, it’s easier to sell your higher ticket offers to people who’ve bought your self liquidating offer than it is to non-buyers.

This Facebook ad strategy takes some time and testing to get right, but when you do it opens up the ability to scale your business very quickly.

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