Facebook Custom Audiences – The Complete Guide to Unlocking Facebook’s Most Powerful Targeting Tool

Facebook Custom Audiences enable the most powerful retargeting strategies available to us as Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

If you’re running Facebook ads and/or instagram ads, you need to understand how custom audiences work so you can use those custom audiences in your ad strategy.

Facebook custom audiences go beyond just retargeting. They’re crucial for excluding people from your ads, as well as enabling Facebook lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are a great way to scale to cold traffic.

In this video you’ll learn what Facebook custom audiences are, the different types of custom audiences available to us, how to create the different types of custom audience, and how to use those custom audiences with you Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

This is the complete guide to Facebook Custom Audiences and hopefully the only one you need!

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00:00-00:51 – Intro
00:52-02:22 – What are Facebook Custom Audiences?
02:23-08:31 – Types of Custom Audiences
08:32 – 18:42 – How to Set up Facebook Custom Audiences
18:43 – Ad Strategies to Leverage Custom Audiences

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