EVERY designer struggling to find clients should do THIS immediately

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Outreach Template:
I’m Jane,
I have followed your Youtube channel and Pait Digital for a while now. I recently watched your video “how to find clients” and it has been a huge help.
Anyways, I’ll be super quick because I know you have things to do!
I am a white-label Webflow developer (I call myself a Webflow-ghost). I work with agencies like yours to help you relieve the stress of managing smaller/needier clients.
I know they can be frustrating and draw your attention away from larger clients and filming more Youtube videos! But I also know it would be nice to still service those clients and not lose out on that revenue.
The way I work is you outsource the Webflow Development to me and your client doesn’t even need to know. I make this process as seamless for you as possible by:
– Communicating with you (and your client if needed)
– Building using Client-First Classing system
– Do all dev within a few short days
– Acting in unison with your team and using the tools you already use
– Guaranteeing my work
I know this might seem like a gamble but I know if you bring me in for just one project you will want to keep me forever as your go-to back up Webflow dev.
Even if you don’t have any projects now, it can’t hurt to have a trustworthy backup!
I would love to hop on a 5-min Zoom call with you to see you face-to-face and show you how easy it could be to work with me.
Here’s my calendar link.
Hope to talk soon.



0:00 Intro
0:54 What is a Design Ghost?
3:14 Before you reach out to design agencies
4:15 Bad outreach examples
6:18 Good Outreach Example
9:29 Example of a Design Ghost Website/Portfolio

EVERY designer struggling to find clients should do THIS immediately

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