Economics Demand and Seasons

Demand, seasons:
We know that our demand for any product depends on many factors such as the price of the product, how much income we’ve got, the seasons, and many other factors.
The seasons influence the demand for certain products, and that is what this video explores.
In economics we use supply and demand analysis to understand, and even predict, the market. We generally link the demand and a supply to the price of the product, however there are many influences on the demand and supply of products in the market. This is to suggest that the price is just one variable that may influence the demand for a product and there are many others, we offer a whole series of videos on each one of these.
In this video we will look at the impact on the demand of the changing seasons. It should be clear to most people that our demand for ice cream is seasonal, we probably demand more ice cream in the summer then in the winter. We may study the demand for many products and see seasonal influences. The demand for Christmas trees is in the festive season in December, it is unlikely that there will be a significant demand for Christmas trees in June.
The video will explore the influence of the seasons on the demand for products. There are many determinants of demand and these will be dealt with in other videos. We also conduct live teaching online and this may be one of the class titles, registered students are advised to watch out for this.

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