Cory Doctorow and Joe Betts-Lacroix on Adversarial Interoperability

Cory Doctorow is a blogger, journalist, and science fiction author. He’s also the co-editor of Boing Boing.

Joe Betts-Lacroix is the CTO of VIUM and an Expert at YC.

Y Combinator invests a small amount of money ($150k) in a large number of startups (recently 200), twice a year.

Learn more about YC and apply for funding here:


00:07 – Adversarial interoperability

7:30 – So what should founders do?

13:30 – Copyright

19:30 – Remixing

26:35 – AT&T

29:25 – Firms and state-like duties

31:00 – Medium-term suggestions for founders

39:00 – Conspiracy theories

51:25 – Science fiction and predictions

56:30 – Peak indifference model

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