Copy My High Converting Lead Capture Funnel!

In this video, I demonstrate the kind of funnel that works great with traffic exchanges and safelists. This funnel is probably one of the highest-converting funnels I’ve ever used with this type of “cheap” traffic. It serves two purposes. First, it builds my list. Second, it helps me get referrals to the different programs I belong to. This means free traffic and most importantly–affiliate commissions!

If you want to copy this funnel, all you need is a free LeadsLeap account and to join the traffic exchanges and safelists that you wish to promote on the “thank-you/download” page. The majority of them are free to join, with the exception of the 4 paid traffic co-op programs.

Get a free LeadsLeap account here:

Once you’ve joined you can go about setting up your pages. You will need to use the following share codes:

1. Lead capture (squeeze) page: page-GwfVfWmZwU
2. Splash page: page-fZVwNmWZGU
3. Thank-you (download) page: page-GNVNZNYwYVU

Here is the video where I demonstrate setting up a lead capture page using share codes:

Lastly, if you would just like to find out what traffic sources I’m using, you can sign up here:

Thanks so much for watching this video. I appreciate your time and I appreciate YOU! See you in the next one!

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