Caterina Fake on Her New Podcast, Should This Exist? With Kat Manalac

Caterina Fake hosts the podcast Should This Exist? which is about how technology is impacting our humanity. It launches today on iTunes. She also cofounded Flickr, Hunch, and Findery and is an investor at Yes VC.

Kat Manalac is a partner at YC.

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.



00:00 – Caterina’s new podcast, Should This Exist?

2:00 – Is there a process for considering if something should exist?

3:30 – Who should be part of these conversations?

4:45 – Wait But Why and the Human Colossus

6:50 – Episode 1 of Should This Exist?

9:45 – Having conversations before things exist

11:10 – How might employees think about their role in whether or not something should exist?

14:00 – Caterina reflecting on her creations and if they should exist

18:30 – Considering whether things should exist as investors

23:00 – Cofounder charter – What you will and won’t do

25:30 – Questioning the VC model

26:50 – Working on Wall St, feeling herself change, and quitting

30:50 – Caterina as a student

33:30 – Peculiarity and entrepreneurship

34:50 – “Don’t fight to win prizes that aren’t worth winning”

38:00 – What was once fringe is now mainstream

40:20 – Kat looking up to Lea Salonga

42:10 – Evgeny asks – How did she get her first 100 paying users?

48:55 – How does she advise founders to find investors?

54:15 – What questions should founders ask themselves while making something?

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