Business ReEngineering

In the context of reengineering we may classify resources as specific or general. Different textbooks use different terminology, but to be simple we may see capital as specific to a particular product that needs to be produced. We may also see some capital as generic, in other words it may be turned over for use in the manufacture of different products. So capital maybe specific to a product , in other words designed especially for the production of that particular product, or alternatively it may be generic, in other words a piece of capital that may be used for many purposes in addition to making this specific product to which we are relating.
Reengineering is associated with switching over capital and production facilities to make new products, alternatively it may be restructuring existing products to meet new requirements. This video will examine some of these issues and give us an insight into the process of business reengineering. Throughout the course you will encounter several videos that link to this one and further elaborate on the concept and it’s important.

It is important for organisations to be capable of reorganisation and development in such a way as to utilise, wherever possible, existing resources.

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