Building a Million Dollar Web Dev Agency | Joe Krug Full Interview

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Building a Million Dollar Web Dev Agency | Joe Krug Full Interview

This is my full interview with Finsweet Founder and CEO Joe Krug!

Watch this video to find out:

✅ How Finsweet came to be
✅ Tips on hiring and scaling your own web design agency
✅ Tips on leadership and running an agency

… and more!

Enjoy this week’s video!


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0:00 Joe Krug Introduction
0:35 Joe Krug Backstory
1:25 If you weren’t doing your agency today, what would you be doing?
2:27 How do you go about finding and hiring good team members for your Webflow agency?
3:30 (Payton) Do you have anything to chime in about finding and hiring good team members or the importance of having good team members on your side?
4:16 When you are building your team, do you have a lot of instances where people aren’t a good fit and are you cycling through people a lot? Are you firing people a lot? How does the whole process go for you?
6:14 Pay structure
8:50 What’s your daily role at Finsweet?
12:55 The most valuable thing that you have learned from starting and running your agency?
16:17 Transition to leading instead of working in your business?
19:22 How did the Finsweet website come to be?
22:45 What do you think of putting pricing and packages on your website?
30:36 How do you find large clients or how do they find you?
33:04 Do you have any advice for anyone just starting an agency?
34:36 Where do you see Finsweet in the future?
37:05 How do we research a company when considering the price range method?
39:12 How to determine your prices?
42:34 How do you deal with clients that are over bearing/scope creep?
45:40 How did you come up with the Finsweet name and do you have any branding advice?
46:55 Branding yourself as a freelancer/consultant versus as a studio/agency
52:10 Should we drop design and focus on development?
54:42 Final Thoughts

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