Best Lead Magnets – 4 Lead Magnet Ideas For Cheap Leads

In this video you’ll learn which lead magnets are working best right now when it comes to attracting a lot of leads at a low cost.

These lead magnet ideas will help you identify which lead magnets you should use for your business and why.

I also cover what it is that makes a good lead magnet, and discuss the pros and cons of each of the different lead magnets.

If you want to lower your Facebook ad costs, creating a really good lead magnet that your audience really wants is one of the very best ways to do it.

00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Requirements for a good lead magnet
02:27 – 4 Best Lead Magnet Ideas
02:44 – Lead Magnet Idea #1
04:50 – Lead Magnet Idea #2
07:04 – Lead Magnet Idea #3
10:12 – Lead Magnet Idea #4

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