Before Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Want to start a digital marketing agency? Here are 8 things you absolutely need to know before going into this because you may be completely wasting your time, or at least starting with the complete wrong expectations.

I started my first SEO agency back in 2013, before that I was doing a little bit of everything from Google Ads to Web design trying to make a living.

Since then I’ve had some big ups and downs with clients, at one point, completely firing all my clients, before eventually getting back into it.

Based on that, here’s things I wish I knew before starting an agency. And things most YouTube videos deliberately neglect because they want you to think it’s “easy” and requires “no skills”, “no experience”, and “no money”. Which certainly sounds great, but isn’t so realistic.

In reality, you need skills and experience to get great results. That’s not to say you can’t start without them, you can, but you won’t get great results with out them.

Anyway, video explains this in more detail. Give it a watch.

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