Accurate Facebook Ad Tracking Post iOS14.5 (For Online Courses, Coaching and Consulting Funnels)

Facebook ad tracking has been getting worse every day since the release of iOS 14.5. A significant proportion of our conversions are no longer being attributed against our Facebook ad campaigns as more people opt-out of tracking on iOS.

It’s making it extremely difficult (aka impossible) to rely on the Facebook ad manager alone to track Facebook ad results and measure performance.

To make things worse, there are tons of different software products popping up promising to be a silver bullet that fixes the problem.

Here’s the truth – no tool or software platform can get data back into the Facebook ad manager for users who have opted out. If someone has opted out, Facebook will not track them no matter what you do.

But you can still track your results externally. This allows you to still track leads, sales, and ROAS accurately in Google Analytics, so you can see how your ads are really performing even if the attribution data inside Facebook ad manager isn’t reliable.

This method is free, and relatively simple to set up if you’re running ads to a sales funnel for a course, coaching, consulting, or lead generation.

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