7 Affiliate Marketing Tips: 2-3x Profits with Same Traffic

Want to make money from affiliate marketing? Here are 7 tips to double or even triple your profits without getting any more traffic to your website.

This is especially effective if you’re just relying on Amazon Associates as your affiliate program (HINT: there’s a LOT more networks/programs available!).

Most of these tips are aimed at people with existing affiliate websites or businesses, but if you’re a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, this can be pretty helpful also, mostly for understanding how to monetise things correctly – once you have traffic.

As for getting traffic to your affiliate offers? Watch this channel, that’s literally the main topic.

0:00 Intro
0:06 Try different affiliate programs
1:55 Offer conversion
3:08 High value offers
5:09 Just ask
7:20 Develop relationships
9:09 Buyer intent
10:55 Conversion rate optimisation
12:10 Final thoughts

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