12 Digital Marketing Services You Can Sell For $1,000+/Month (+ Pricing Ideas)

Starting a digital marketing agency? Here’s 12 services you can easily charge $1,000+ per month for (with data).

These are what I believe to be the best digital marketing services to sell, so I’ve done the research for you and show you the services, what you need to do for clients, how to set pricing, and industry statistics/revenue numbers.

Now which is the best service for you? It depends.

Data and research is one thing, but the rest comes down to you. What are your skills and strengths? And what are you actually interested in?

For me, it’s eCommerce SEO because I thrive in technical stuff, but that’s just me.digital marketing agency services

0:00 Intro
0:26 Service #1
2:50 Service #2
4:22 Service #3
7:16 Service #4
9:36 Service #5
11:42 Service #6
14:04 Service #7
16:21 Service #8
16:50 Service #9
17:25 Service #10
17:53 Service #11
18:22 Service #12
19:02 Final Thoughts

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