10 Deadly Freelancer Mistakes

I have lost 10s of thousands of dollars by making these deadly freelance mistakes.

This video shares 10 Deadly Freelancer Mistakes that will kill your business and cause you to lose money and ambition!

These freelancing mistakes will show you:

☠️ Mistake #10 causes most freelancers to quit!
☠️ Mistake #7 causes depression for freelancers…
☠️ Mistake #3 is absolutely necessary to scale your freelance business!
☠️ Mistake #1 could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

(Answers pulled from a poll of real freelancers)

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Learning from those before you is the best way to avoid costly freelancing mistakes! This list comes from freelance web designers of all different experience levels and will give you a look into what mistakes you must avoid in order to succeed! Enjoy these freelance tips!


00:00 10 Deadly Freelancer Mistake
0:52 Don’t Expect Fast Results as a Freelancer
2:34 Don’t Do Stuff for Free as a Freelancer
3:54 Don’t Procrastinate The Hard Things as a Freelancer
5:32 Don’t Try To Go It Alone as a Freelancer
7:20 Don’t Say Yes To Everything as a Freelancer
9:18 Don’t Offer Too Many Services as a Freelancer
11:08 Don’t Look for Others Approval as a Freelancer
12.32 Don’t Take On All The Busy Work as a Freelancer
13:56 Take the Lead as a Freelancer
15:49 Don’t Limit Your Vision as a Freelancer

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